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Unlocking the power of promotional products in the finance sector

Unlocking the power of promotional products in the finance sector

Posted on: April 22nd 2024    •    Posted in: Promotional Products

The finance industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, serving individuals, businesses, and governments alike. Financial institutions such as banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, accountants, and financial advisors all help manage the flow of money, and in a busy marketplace, finding effective ways to advertise their services is essential.

Promotional products can be effective tools for financial organisations to increase brand awareness, build relationships with clients and promote their services. Compared to many traditional advertising methods, promotional products for finance companies can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. The tangible nature of these items offers value for money as they continue to increase brand recognition, build trust and credibility, and increase loyalty and retention long after the initial investment.

In a competitive financial market, promotional products can help your business stand out. There is an array of merchandise which is ideally suited to this marketplace, making wonderful corporate executive gifts. Recognition Express have plenty of ideas to help you choose the right product for your customers.

Money-themed promotional products

Branded money boxes, money clips, and piggy banks can be a great way to associate your business with saving money for your clients. For mortgage advisors, money boxes in the shape of a house could be a useful gift. Branded mugs, sticky notes, desk accessories, and highlighter pens are always popular with professional services businesses and for high wealth clients how about a stress item in the shape of a gold bar?

Quality executive gifts for promoting your financial services business

Unique and well-designed items can distinguish your organisation from competitors, creating a memorable impression among clients and prospects. Choosing high-quality pens featuring your company logo and contact information is a thoughtful gift which can be used in business settings. Branded notepads or notebooks and pen sets are also helpful for jotting down important information during meetings or conferences. With multiple branding options, such as foil blocking and debossing, notepads can be given a distinctive high-end appearance to make your customers feel valued.

USB drives

Preloaded with useful financial information or resources, USB drives in the shape of a credit card are also practical and have a high perceived value. Items like branded mouse pads, desk organisers, or business card holders can be practical and keep your organisation top of mind on clients' desks. What’s more, items like pens, notebooks and USB drives often have a longer lifespan, providing ongoing exposure to your brand.

Promotional products for finance workers

Personalised products, which are also portable, are a popular choice for people working in the financial sector, as they are versatile enough for commuting and travelling to face-to-face meetings. Branded travel mugs, charger cables, laptop bags and backpacks are all practical and valuable gifts to bestow upon your clients and leave a lasting impression.

Branded diaries

Diaries are great for use on the road, at meetings, as well as in the office. They can be personalised with your company’s logo and have a choice of finishing options, providing a long-term gift which will give your brand exposure throughout the year.

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Financial planning tools

Financial planning tools like calculators, financial planners or desk pads featuring your branding can emphasise your organisation's commitment to financial well-being. Hi-tech items like branded phone stands, power banks, or charging cables also reflect the tech-savvy nature of the financial industry.

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Branded desk accessories for banks, accountants and financial advisors

Promotional products are not only for clients; they can also be used internally. Branded office accessories can boost employee morale, create a sense of unity, and reinforce the company culture. Branded drinkware is a popular choice, which can be used both in the office and at home. Or choose branded mouse pads, desk organisers, or mobile phone holders, which can be used by both employees and clients alike, keeping your organisation front of mind at all times.

And don’t forget those networking, training and conference events which are so important in the finance sector. From branded tote bags to conference folders, which can be used to promote your business whilst proudly displaying your company logo, there are many valuable items which your clients will really appreciate.

Whatever you are looking for, Recognition Express is here to help with all your financial promotional needs. If you can’t find an item that you are looking for on our website, call us today at 01530 513300 or email [email protected], and we’ll help produce the perfect promotional product for you.

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