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Why Prevented Ocean Plastic promotional products are making waves

Posted on: March 21st 2024    •    Posted in: eco-friendly, Promotional Products

When it comes to promoting your business, there is a wide variety of brandable products available to choose from. Products made from plastic are highly versatile and cost-effective, which makes them a budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes looking to increase their brand visibility. But in today’s environmentally conscious world, adopting an eco-friendly approach to your marketing campaign is an important consideration, which is why more businesses are turning to sustainable promotional products made from recycled materials.

Recognition Express the UK are proud to offer a range of recycled plastic drinking bottles and sports bottles made from Prevented Ocean Plastic, a high quality, fully certified recycled plastic made from ocean-bound plastic collected from coastal areas at risk from plastic pollution. ‘Ocean-bound plastic’ is defined as waste plastic collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean, in countries or regions identified as lacking waste management infrastructure or collection incentive schemes, where infrastructure is being overwhelmed by population growth or tourism and where there is a significant risk to wildlife.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a global recycling initiative where discarded plastic bottles are collected and taken to local collection centres for payment. The programme supports local communities and helps tens of thousands of people around the world to earn a living, whilst cleaning up beaches and coastal areas for the benefit of the marine life and ecosystem, as well as everyone that uses them. The waste plastic is sorted, washed, sanitised and processed into raw material flakes before being transformed into high-quality, food-safe recycled plastic, which is fully traceable back to its source.

The Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Programme prevents over 1,000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every month and has so far prevented over two billion plastic bottles from reaching the water. This has saved thousands of tonnes of virgin plastic from being used. At the same time, it helps tens of thousands of people around the world to earn a living. If discarded plastic bottles aren’t collected before they end up in the sea, then the opportunity to recycle them is greatly reduced. Saving plastic before it enters the ocean means it can be recycled, whereas plastic that has already hit the water will degrade within a few days making it unusable and resulting in a much bigger clean-up operation.

Recycling plastic waste before it enters the ocean is a much more sustainable use of resources than manufacturing new plastic. The process conserves valuable resources by reducing the energy and raw materials needed for plastic production as well as carbon emissions. Now you can promote your brand and show your support of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices with a Prevented Ocean Plastic drinks bottle or sports drinking bottle. Printable with your logo, message or branding in up to 4 colours, they are perfect for cold drinks and sports use, whilst at the same time supporting a programme to help create a better world.

Further information on Prevented Ocean Plastic can be found on their website

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